Throughout the month of October, we will participate in several national and international events.

As for the Italian meetings, on October 24 Giulia Comparini and Thomas Mambrini gave a lecture on “Zoning and construction/real estate law and peculiarities” as part of the Master in Real Estate for students of the University of Lucerne at the Milan Politecnico, while on October 27 Giulia Comparini and Alessandro Barzaghi will moderate the legal seminar “How to negotiate a retail transaction successfully” held as part of RBM Day, the first conference on retail building management in Italy.

Brussels, Dakar and Miami are the October international destinations for Cocuzza & Associati.

On October 25, Claudio Cocuzza will attend the Light Final Conference on the role of legal professions in EU AML/CFT and organised by the European Economic and Social Committee, while on  October 29 Irene Grassi will participate as a speaker at the 66th UIA Congress that will be held in Dakar, Senegal. She will speak in the joint session entitled: “International Commercial Sales: Challenges in contract Drafting, Transport Risks and Documentary Fraud”.

Once again, this year we will not miss one of the biggest networking and experience exchange events: the Miami International Bar Association Annual Conference from October 30 to  November 4, 2022. Claudio Cocuzza and Alessandro Barzaghi will share their experiences and the news from Cocuzza & Associati with lawyers from across the globe.

The conferences of the Italian International Lawyers or International Chamber, of which Claudio Cocuzza is vice-coordinator, keep on! The next meeting about the ethics of the international lawyer will be held on 26 October in the charming location of the Palazzo Reale in Milan.

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