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GDPR Privacy

We offer advice and legal assistance in personal data protection, supporting clients in the process of complying with current legislation and in light of cross-sector implications in the various areas of data processing.

The members of our Data Protection and Compliance team have gained extensive experience, advising Italian and foreign clients on creating and effectively managing a data protection model and developing specific projects.

Through our in-depth knowledge of the subject and corporate processes, we assist clients with drafting and reviewing the documentation required by regulations, as well as the related internal procedures, including aspects such as impact assessment, analysis of cross-border data flows, data processing agreements, and prevention and management of data breaches.

We provide advice on online compliance, data processing for marketing, social networks, database protection, big data and predictive analytics, user-generated content, profiling and automated decision making, biometrics, employee tracking, whistleblowing, geolocation-based services, etc.

We provide specialized support and assistance in litigation related to data protection, inspections by the Privacy Authority, and privacy audits and due diligence.