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Our law firm is a point of reference for many Italian and foreign retail companies. The extensive experience we have gained over the years enables us to offer custom solutions for each company’s needs, ensuring reliable and professional legal support.

We specialize in developing the network of retail establishments in Italy, providing advice on a wide range of contracts, such as leases, business unit leases, franchises and department leases, and related ancillary contracts, such as key money agreements.

Our clients include major industry players such as well-known international and national fashion brands, companies involved in technological innovation, multi-brand chains and food retailers, brokers, developers, investors, owners, and funds.

We advise companies operating in the sector, both tenants and landlords, throughout the life cycle of their business.

During the retail opening, we take care of all contractual and administrative aspects. This includes drafting, negotiating, and managing contracts, as well as fulfilling administrative requirements, such as obtaining or taking over a business license and complying with the obligations set out for medium and large retail facilities. In this phase, we work closely with the professionals involved in the project, such as architects, notaries, and accountants, providing comprehensive and interactive support. We also liaise with the relevant municipality to obtain the necessary permits and ensure full compliance with current regulations.

During contract fulfillment, we offer advice and assistance, providing opinions in case of doubts about contract fulfillment and the interpretation of contract clauses. When returning the premises, we take care of all the necessary formalities, including preparation of the return report, the return of the bank guarantee, and communications related to the commercial license.

For more than a decade we have organized the Retail Trends event, a day of interaction where we present industry professionals with our publication that anticipates emerging trends.