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Intellectual Property & information Technology

We offer comprehensive advice and assistance both in and out of court relating to the protection and use of intellectual and industrial property rights, with particular reference to trademarks, patents, designs, utility models, know-how, trade secrets, unfair competition, and copyright.

Our legal advice encompasses a variety of aspects, such as the preparation and negotiation of various contracts, including licensing, assignment, merchandising, advertising, sponsorship, co-branding, creation, production, and distribution of creative works (music, film, literary works, and fine arts).

We also provide advice and support in relation to the protection of software, websites, apps, multimedia products, online services, digital distribution of protected works, technology transfer, TMT, and artificial intelligence.

In recent years, we have developed specific expertise in the protection of intellectual property rights in the metaverse, including trademarks for goods and services offered in the virtual world, patents, and copyright protection of digital works.