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Does inaction or delay in enforcing a right mean that the holder has waived that same right?

Is the German principle of “Verwirkung” applicable in Italian law? In a recent Supreme Court decision concerning lease agreements, the Italian judges addressed the issue of inactivity in enforcing a right and clarified to what extent the delay in enforcing a right may give rise to a reasonable expectation on the other party that the right has been waived by its holder and, therefore, whether there could be a breach of the “good faith” clause if the right is enforced with delay by its holder.

Liquidated damages clauses: are they effective under Italian law?

In case of breach of contractual obligations, the party in breach is normally required to pay to the other party damages, i.e. an amount of money as compensation for the loss generated by non-performance or delay. Contracts often include liquidated damages clauses, which establish in advance the amount of damages to be paid. However, the effects of such clauses can vary significantly depending on the jurisdiction and it is essential to consider all legal implications when drafting a contract.

The Russian roulette clause, an alternative way to resolve corporate conflicts (without shooting)

The Russian roulette clause has recently come to the forefront of the Italian news and has thus become known to the public, but its popularity is becoming exponential due to its ability to resolve societal conflicts in a peaceful manner. Let’s take a look at how this clause works and why it would be a good idea for companies to participate in this dangerous game. 

New Legislative Decree enhances regulation on veterinary medicines in Italy

Italy has implemented a significant update in legislation concerning veterinary medicines with the enforcement of Legislative Decree 218/2023 that has alreay taken effect. This decree marks a pivotal shift, aligning the national framework with the regulations outlined in the EU Regulation 2019/6 on Veterinary Medicines while repealing the previous Legislative Decree 193/2006.