Alessandro Barzaghi will participate at the International Bar Association Annual Conference in Miami from 30 October to 04 November 2022.

The IBA Annual Conference brings together lawyers from over 130 jurisdictions and represents a rich environment for discussion, debate and learning.

This year the conference will feature more than 200 sessions, including a session moderated by Alessandro together with Marie Brasseur, on the 1st of November 2022, called “What it takes to be a lawyer” which is intended to be the first of a series of inspiring meetings with colleagues who have the desire to share their views on the profession.

Alessandro’s contribution was also requested as panelist in two other sessions on 31 October 2022: the first one on hot topics in international commerce, trade, franchising, and product law, and the second one on what franchise companies are doing to adapt to customers’ increased awareness for climate change and demand for carbon neutral products and services.

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