Cocuzza & Associati has organized a cycle of webinars on Italian-German Trade, in cooperation with Confindustria Alto Milanese and Studio Associato Amoroso. The webinars are addressed to companies and have a practical approach. They intend to explore the peculiarities and risks of some of the most common contracts in the international practice, with a special attention to relations with Germany.

Germany is the first trading partner for Italy, both as an outlet market for Italian export and as country of origin of imports in Italy. Despite the difficulties that have occurred as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the relationships are always significant and of strategic important for Italian productive system.

Giulia Comparini, Eva Knickenberg-Giardina and Irene Grassi are the speakers of the three webinars, covering the following topics.

Tax and legal aspects of Consignment Stock (9 March 2021):

  • Consignment Stock and other forms of stock of goods or raw materials in Germany
  • Tax peculiarities / Maximum term of stay of goods in the stock
  • Transfer of risk
  • Transfer of property
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Practical examples and best practice in the interest of the supplier

Agency contracts in Italian-German trade (24 March 2021):

  • How to open a branch, appoint an agent or a distributor in Germany
  • Law applicable contracts with German agents
  • Applicability of AEC’s to agents operating abroad
  • Main differences between Italian and German agency law
  • Termination indemnity
  • Termination and judicial disputes

Distribution contracts in Italian-German trade (14 April 2021):

  • How to appoint a distributor in Germany
  • Can a regular customer be considered a distributor?
  • Reservation of title in German law
  • How to terminate a distribution agreement
  • The termination indemnity of the distributor in German law
  • Tax aspects
  • Main risks for Italian distributors of German principals
  • Management of cross-border legal disputes