Eva Knickenberg-Giardina, Irene Grassi and Paola della Campa join the team of Cocuzza & Associati.

“We add a fundamental element to our internationalization process with the presence of new lawyers with international experience, who are also qualified in Germany” states Claudio Cocuzza.

With the arrival of experienced lawyers in the field of German law, Cocuzza & Associati targets a strategic market for the national economy by offering legal assistance to German-speaking companies and individuals, and Italian clients with commercial relationships with Germany.

According to Istat (the Italian National Institute for Statistics), Germany is the first commercial partner for Italy. The volume of commercial exchanges between the two countries in 2018 reached an all-time high of 128.4 billion euros (+ 5.4% compared to 2017). Last year Italian exports to Germany reached € 58.1 billion (+ 3.8% compared to 2017), while the value of guarantees stood at € 70.3 billion (+ 6.8% compared to 2017).

Founded by Claudio Cocuzza, Cocuzza & Associati is today an independent Italian law firm with high professional skills. Cocuzza & Associati is based in Milan in via San Giovanni sul Muro, 18, and with the arrival of the new lawyers it has taken over a branch in Bologna in via Alfonso Rubbiani, 3.